About Us

Holland’s Best Kept Secret
The only reason we opened our doors was for you (and our love of great beers of course)! Our goal at Macatawa Ale Company is to give our home city of Holland, Michigan a great destination for awesome beers and plenty of entertainment. We are proud to be part of the areas authority in the micro-brewing industry and predominate tourism market. This will be accomplished by using our years of brewing experience, original recipes, and our overall passion for craft beers. The beers that we will release have been time tested on home-produced level and are ready to enter the market to be enjoyed by customers of all types! We always maintain a set list of mainstay products, as well as a verity of flavors based on seasonality, availability, and popularity. These brews will draw both the casual beer fan and true craft beer enthusiast. The current list of beers ranges in styles from India Pale Ales to Wheat, Stouts and Blondes. We take pride in both the diversity of styles that we offer and the skill in producing them. We currently produce on a 3-barrel system, which helps us keep our tasting room well supplied, as well as allow small distribution to some of our favorite local pubs and restaurants. Drink off the path!

Blood is Thicker Than Beer
Although officially founded in February 2014 by Ed Westerlund along with his brother, Jeff Westerlund, and son Andrew Westerlund, the dream for a production brewery began well before. It was nearly 25 years ago in Ed’s kitchen that his first batch of beer was brewed, which has led to a fascination with the process and discipline required for beer production. It was a short time after that that the modest equipment was enhanced to a 15.5 gallon three tier gravity fed system that has occupied his entire garage since. To say that we are excited to share our passion with you is an understatement.

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